Check Your Karma

Every modern philosophy has incorporated the concept of karma. The word may originate from Hindu and Buddhist cultures, but it has been adopted by just about every way of thinking.

Definition of karma by Merriam-Webster

Some other ways to say it would be:

Yeah, we’ve heard it before.

As I was walking my dog, I started thinking about karma and how important it is to check occasionally. We check the oil in our cars, the air in our tires. We watch what we eat and drink. But do we watch what we do? How often do we check our actions and how we treat others?

I know I’m lacking. I come up short in that department.

From now on, I’ve decided to conduct periodic karma checks on myself. I’m going to take a step back and be mindful of how I treat others. I can’t control how they respond or how they treat me, but I can control my actions and reactions.

Have you checked your karma lately? Are you happy with it?

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