CannaBlogger’s Corner Episode 24: The Lit Hippie Co.

On this week’s episode, I have the super talented Erica Eddy from the Canna Mom Gang chilling with me in the corner. You’ll get to hear about her hand-made cannabis accessory line, The Lit Hippie Co., and just how much love she puts into each piece she creates. She also opens up about how much the Canna Mom Gang supports and uplifts each other, her wild and artistic family, and how much that family has been supporting her side, now main, hustle.

For more information about CHIEFAH’s upcoming event, visit her Instagram or go directly to her Events site.

CannaBlogger’s Corner is sponsored by Better Homes with Cannabis. Yani Amaya, the Hazey Lioness, has taken her cannabis photography to another level by using it in a stylish home décor design that would look fabulous in any home. This isn’t a Marley poster in your dorm room; Better Homes with Cannabis is tasteful home décor with a cannabis theme.

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