CannaBlogger’s Corner S2E1: Siskel and Ebert and a Sneak Preview

This week’s episode is a two-fer. First, Alexia Bullard (@Booklexia on Instagram) and I are starting a monthly review segment. Each month, she and I are going to compare notes on some cannabis products. Sometimes, we might try the same thing; others, like this week, we each try something a little different. Think of us as the “Siskel and Ebert of cannabis.” This week, Alexia tried some Super Silver Haze from High Garden, while I mixed some GMO from CRU Cannabis and Blueberry Kush, also from High Garden. Did we give them a bongs up or bongs down? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Next, I have a really cool treat for you. Yani @hazeylioness and Becky @bakedwithbecky_ have joined their wacky forces to create their own podcast, Baked and Hazey. I got to hang with these crazy canna queens and get a taste of the shenanigans to come on their upcoming show. Make sure you’re following their podcast’s Instagram page, not to mention their individual Instagram pages, and turn on those notifications! You won’t want to miss a second!

CannaBlogger’s Corner is sponsored by Better Homes with Cannabis. Yani Amaya, the Hazey Lioness, has taken her cannabis photography to another level by using it in a stylish home décor design that would look fabulous in any home. This isn’t a Marley poster in your dorm room; Better Homes with Cannabis is tasteful home décor with a cannabis theme.

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