Review | Baker’s Cannabis Co. – For the Baller on a Budget

Canndescent, one of the biggest cannabis brands on the market right now, has introduced their latest brand for the “Baller on a Budget” - Baker’s Cannabis Co. Canndescent’s Baker’s Cannabis Co. Adding to their already budget-friendly Good Brands Co., Canndescent adds a third tier to their financially-conscious family of high-quality cannabis products. Their half-ounce pouches [...]

My Cannabis Journey

My Cannabis Journey

I'd like to begin by thanking everyone for the massive amount of love and support I received from my last post. It was not easy for me to admit my cannabis use for my mental and physical health issues. There is a stigma surrounding cannabis use, and if I want that to change, I need [...]

Full Disclosure

This is not an easy post for me to write. This will change what a lot of people think of me, and my self esteem is way too tied up in what other people think of me. Who am I, if I'm not true to myself? Here goes. I haven't been shy about my struggles [...]