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About CannaBlogger’s Corner

CannaBlogger’s Corner explores the Southern California cannabis community and the culture that surrounds it. We’ll discuss legalization, social justice, and normalization as well as cannabis’s influence on pop culture. 

Your host, Andy Wagner, has been writing and reporting on the cannabis industry for several years. So far, he has been published in Candid Chronicle and Yew! Online as well as served as editor-in-chief for the Confidence in Cannabiz blog.


CannaBlogger’s Corner is just that – my own little corner of the world. I began noticing that my sesh nooks I was carving out for myself were always in a corner, whether it be in the garage or back yard.

There has been a stigma surrounding cannabis use for years, which can make some people feel guilty for consuming, especially outside. Maybe this is why I keep putting myself in the corner. I encourage my guests to come sit in the corner with me, where we can enjoy ourselves in a relaxed, judgment-free environment.

In my corner, there’s no stigma and therefore, no judgment. Just good conversation and chill vibes.


CannaBlogger’s Corner is sponsored by Better Homes with Cannabis. Visit their catalog to see their line of tasteful cannabis-themed home decor options.

CannaBlogger’s Corner is collaborating with Canna Mom Gang to feature promote inclusion among mothers who turn to cannabis instead of wine.

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Schedule: A new episode of CannaBlogger’s Corner goes live every Monday morning at 7:00am PT.

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