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This month, I got to review Full Spectrum Mfg.’s CBD Shatter for w0lfpackmentality. This product lived up to every expectation I had and made for a truly satisfying experience.

Full Spectrum Shatter

I’ll fully confess that I’m a pain in the ass when it comes to reviewing. When I saw the name “Full Spectrum Shatter,” the first thing I wondered was if it was really full-spectrum CBD. When I brought this up to w0lfpackmentality’s management, they went and had it third-party tested, just to make sure. The answer: yes. And no. Here’s why.

Technically, full-spectrum CBD doesn’t have any cannabinoids, including THC, removed when it’s processed. Since Full Spectrum Mfg. uses the hemp species of the cannabis plant, there is already less than 0.3% THC involved. However, according to third-party testing, the rest of the cannabinoids are present. Thus, while technically broad-spectrum CBD, it’s as full-spectrum as hemp can get.

I won’t argue semantics, but it’s good to know what I’m smoking. Like I said, I’m a pain in the ass when it comes to details. It did, however confirm what they claim on their website that their product is all-natural, containing organic hemp CBD and nothing else:


When trying Full Spectrum Mfg.’s shatter, I decided to add it to my THC flower for a true full-spectrum experience. Theoretically, with all the cannabinoids acting together to create the entourage effect, this should have meant a more relaxed, even high with less of a cerebral effect.

Adding a little Full Spectrum Shatter for that entourage effect

That’s exactly what happened.


I was first impressed with how clean the shatter looked. That made me comfortable right away. When I took my first puff, I could immediately tell how much smoother and better tasting the hit was. I settled back, finished my bowl, and waited to see what happened.

Cerebral Effects

There was definitely a difference. While I felt a “high”, it didn’t leave me couch locked or climbing the walls. What I did feel was a clarity of mind I haven’t felt in a long time. I was able to forget about my PTSD, anxiety, and depression for a couple of hours. If you’re familiar with any of those mental struggles, you know that’s better than any high you can get. My mind felt balanced for the first time in a long time.

Physical Effects

Physically, the anti-inflammatory effects of the CBD were a very welcome relief for my tendinitis. I was able to relax without melting into my couch. Most importantly, I could still function; I didn’t feel sleepy or lazy. Although the THC strain I used was an indica strain, I felt motivated.

Full Spectrum Shatter

While the name of the company/product may be a little confusing, Full Spectrum Mfg.’s CBD Shatter lives up to everything they claim. Their shatter looked exactly the same in my bowl as it did on the website:

You can find and order Full Spectrum CBD Shatter online at, where it retails for $28.99. Since it is a hemp-derived product, they can ship anywhere in the U.S. Full Spectrum CBD Shatter is one of those rare what-you-see-is-what-you-get products – nothing added or messed with. Just 100% natural hemp CBD that’s perfect if you’re looking for a balanced effect. On its own, you may not get the high from THC, but you will feel a calm balance that’s missing from many of us today. I particularly recommend this for those like me who use cannabis to treat both physical and mental issues. Whether by itself or as part of an entourage effect, you will not be disappointed in this product.

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