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Image courtesy of Claybourne Co.

Claybourne Co. packs 3.5g of top-shelf cannabis flower with 1g of potent kief in their Power Pack, giving the average cannabis consumer a plethora of choices for an affordable price when it comes to smoking their bud.

What’s in the Bag

The Flower

The first thing I noticed when I opened my Power Pack was the strong smell of terpenes from the Purple Punch indica. The sticky popcorn buds clocked in at over 20% total cannabinoids. When you combine that with a high terpene content, the entourage effect makes it quite potent on its own.

The Kief

Of course, the next thing to check out was the kief. A mix of Wedding Cake, Sundae Driver, and GMO, it’s the icing on the cake in a perfect bowl. Or it’s the perfect way to infuse your joint. Or it’s perfect in its own bowl. I felt the power of the 60.28% of cannabinoids and 2.30% of terpenes when I added it to my bowl. However you choose to enjoy the kief, whether infusing a joint or in its own bowl, you’ll see just what a welcome addition to the pack it can be.

Ready to level up

My Verdict

You already know how much I love full-spectrum cannabis products, and Claybourne Co.’s Power Pack definitely fits that bill. I was already feeling good after half a bowl. When I finished it, I felt perfectly relaxed. This is exactly what I needed to relieve the stress of all the holiday hustle and bustle. Check out Claybourne Co.’s Instagram page for more of their great products.

You can find Power Packs and other Claybourne Co. products at Mankind Dispensary, 7128 Miramar Road, Suite 10, San Diego, CA.

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