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What do you get when you cross Grape Pie with Animal Cookies? You get the best strain to ride out the apocalypse: Cream of the Crop’s Animal Grahams.

Cream of the Crop’s Animal Grahams

The Product

Animal Grahams, as described from Cream of the Crop’s website:

Testing at 29.2% THC, Animals Grahams is an indica-dominant, grown-from-clone strain that produces strong and long-lasting effects — not a great choice for the inexperienced! With parents like Grape Pie and Animal Cookies, this strain was grown with every intention of perfection. It releases a comforting, spicy berry aroma that follows with a heavy “OG” smoke flavor. Animals Grahams’ colas are dense and broad, and offer a beautiful range of colors that are covered in bright, silver trichomes.

Cream of the Crop’s Animal Grahams



“The high amount of caryophyllene in Animals Grahams helps reduce stress and anxiety, as well as ease pain and inflammation.”

The High

To call this an indica would be wildly underselling it. This will knock you out faster than Tyson knocked out Spinks (91 seconds). I ground up two of the best nugs I’ve seen in a while and packed myself a 1g preroll. After smoking about a third of it, I had to put it down.

Animal Grahams is a potent strain clocking in at over 31% total cannabinoids. They’re not kidding when they say this is not a beginner’s strain. Factor in the terpene content, and you’ve got a very strong, relaxing strain. Grape Pie has often been one of my favorite strains for anxiety and muscle aches; the combo with Animal Cookies gives it an added punch of euphoria that left me with a massive case of the giggles.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud. My body relaxed, and my mind cleared. I knew if I smoked any more, I wouldn’t be able to function. This is not a strain for a night on the town; this strain is for a night on the couch binging the dumbest, funniest movies on Netflix. In other words, it’s the perfect strain if you’re self-isolating. It will keep your mind and body calm and relaxed. I went to sleep that night with a stupid grin on my face for absolutely no reason.

The Verdict

I effing love this strain. Animal Grahams has rapidly become one of my new go-to strains for relaxing. Don’t make any plans once you’ve smoked a little, though; you’re not leaving the living room. In other words, it’s the perfect strain if you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go.

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