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Whether you’re a medical or recreational cannabis consumer, we know that getting baked out of our minds is fun. That feeling of total relaxation as we melt into the couch or get an uncontrollable case of the giggles is, in a word, intoxicating.

Most of the time, however, we’re just looking for something to take our edge off. We don’t want the couch lock, and we sure don’t want to start laughing at a completely inappropriate time (guilty). We want to moderate, but we don’t want to smoke half a bowl or joint. We want something we can light, take a few puffs, and go.

Enter Heshies. They created the perfect product for the on-the-go cannabis consumer: Selfies.

The Strain

Selfies come in Sativa (The Lime), Indica (Medellin), and Hybrid (Superglue) strains, where each is designed to give the consumer what they need. Since I will never again use sativas (thanks to a massive panic attack), I decided to try their hybrid, Superglue.

I chose the 12-pack, which comes in a small, discreet package/dispenser. It would easily fit in my pocket or a purse. As soon as I saw these tiny prerolls, I thought, “What is one of these little things going to do for me?” Quite a lot, as it turns out.

After I smoked the first preroll, which took about five minutes, I waited to see what would happen. Initially, I felt relaxed and happy; it put me in a generally good mood. Not giddy or euphoric, but good. Ten minutes later, I felt a rush of creativity. I got some photo ideas, so I set up my lightbox and started snapping. I felt motivated without feeling manic. In other words, I felt like I could be productive and get things done.

The High

Case in point: Today is my day off from work. My wife gave me one chore to do while she was out running errands in the morning: unload the dishwasher. Simple enough. I went to my usual spot to medicate and chose a Selfie, since I had something I needed to get done. One Selfie didn’t quite do it for me today, so I indulged in one more (does that make me narcissistic?), which did the trick. I went back into the kitchen and began unloading the dishwasher.

Once a dishwasher is unloaded, I can’t just leave it empty, right? I played my game of dishwasher Tetris to make sure I fit all the dishes I possibly could in a way that they would all get clean. There’s no point to loading a dishwasher if you don’t run it, so I did. My grandmother taught me when I was young that you always wipe down your countertop when you’ve done the dishes, so I did that, too, gathering the rest of the dirty dishes and stacking them neatly in the sink.

And I really don’t like doing the dishes.

The Verdict

Selfies by Heshies is a great option for the on-the-go smoker. If you’re looking for a small joint you can smoke in a few minutes just to take the edge off a little, this is it. This isn’t something you’re going to reach for if you’re seshing with friends; it’s the quick few tokes to help get you through your day. The Superglue motivated me and put me in a great mood. It was only after I finished my chores I remember I’m middle-aged with bad joints. Thankfully, I know something that helps with that.

You can find Selfies and other great Heshies products at Mankind Dispensary, 7128 Miramar Road, Suite 10, San Diego, CA. Don’t want to leave the house? Who can blame you? You don’t have to with Mankind’s Delivery service. Save 20% on orders of $100 or more when you enter the code SDCANNABLOGGER20 at checkout.

Visit Heshies website and find them on Instagram. You can also find Selfies by Heshies on their own Instagram page.

Visit Mankind on the web at their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

But first, go smoke a Selfie.

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