Review | Koality Cannabis Lives Up to Its Name

If you’re part of the cannabis community, you’ve more than likely heard of and/or followed Koala Puffs on one or more social platform. The often-eccentric influencer is well known for her wacky videos posted on her Instagram page and YouTube channel as well as her live smoke seshes on her Twitch channel.

She’s also a savvy entrepreneur with her own line of Koala Puffs merchandise, virtual meet-ups (due to COVID-19), and a line of CBD products. Now, she’s joining heavyweights like Mike Tyson, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong by releasing her own cannabis brand, Koality Cannabis.

The Product

As described on the Koality Cannabis website,

“Koality Cannabis is exactly that: quality cannabis. Our flower, concentrates, and edibles are made with the finest cannabis in California. Our cannabis is cultivated with care and love. Koality offers high-end, potent products. Live the Koality life with Koality Cannabis.”


Koality Cannabis defines “Koality” as U.S.-grown, lab-tested, high-THC, clean, and safe cannabis products. As you can see below, they appear to live up to that promise. With a 25.68% THC/30.06% total cannabinoid content, it’s pretty potent. Unfortunately, the label doesn’t mention terps, but all you have to do is open the lid, and you’ll immediately smell them. I could easily smell it from six feet away and through my mask.

The nugs themselves were light, fluffy, and very sticky. They almost felt like cotton balls as I was arranging them in my grinder. The trichomes were visible even from a distance. It was almost a shame to grind them, but in the interest of science, I had to.

Two things that attract me to cannabis flower are what I like to call “terps and purps.” The purple hues and pungent aroma let me know I was in for a real treat. I eagerly packed myself a generous bowl and looked forward to what was about to happen.

The High

I chose Lava Cake as the strain to try because of my past experience with it. Being a very indica-heavy hybrid, its crossing of Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie sends me into a deep sense of relaxation with a case of the giggles thrown in for good measure. It’s a safe bet for me to try because, like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

It turned out my caution was unwarranted. After my first hit, I felt my muscles melt like butter. Episodes of The Big Bang Theory I’ve seen dozens of times were hilarious again. If you’re like me with a slightly warped sense of humor and an Amazon Prime account, you’ve probably watched The Boys. I’m not seeing you need to be high to enjoy it, but it really is a lot of fun, or as Billy Butcher would say, “f–king diabolical.”

I highly recommend (pun intended) this for a chill night in with a movie with some chill friends. This is not the strain to use before work or anything that requires focusing on something for an extended period of time. Definitely do not operate heavy machinery (like the microwave).

The Verdict

For as long as I’ve followed her, Koala Puffs has projected a chill, loving vibe, and that comes through in her cannabis product. It’s apparent that she cares deeply about the product that bears her name as well as her fans who buy and smoke it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the branding style, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the product inside the package. The product itself is high-quality, top-shelf cannabis that any cannabis consumer will enjoy in the right environment.

Koality Cannabis is currently available primarily in the Los Angeles area but is slowly making its way down to San Diego. I found it at ShowGrow San Diego in Miramar and expect it to start appearing in more San Diego dispensaries soon. If you’re a local San Diego dispensary, I hope you look into adding this to your sales floor.

Follow Koala Puffs on her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Snapchat.

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