CannaBlogger’s Corner Episode 18: Scarlett Dream’s Trixie Ray Gun

On this week’s episode, I’m having fun on a Sunday talking with Scarlett Dream about her new single, Trixie Ray Gun. Scarlett’s newest single, once again produced by the super-talented Beatsumishi, introduces us to Trixie and her thirst for out-of-this-world adventures. You’ll hear about how the single grew from a throw-away idea into a Dream Pop thrill ride with the help of lyricist Noah Chen. We also took some time to chat about our musical interests, what we grew up listening to, and how modern technology has impacted social dynamics. Yeah, we got deep.

Look for Trixie Ray Gun at these music outlets:


She got a Lincoln named Desiree
She smiles when she says get in
She spends a lotta my monay
Turnin wheels into rocket fins


(Chorus) Oh, Trixie Ray Gun! What have you done?
You astronaut where has the moon gone
Trixie Ray Gun! Always too young
I saw you run an do something wrooooong

Gravity won’t keep her down
Lotta smoke on her breath
Through a hole, I peeped her frown
Her ray gun was set to death

We spent the night with Tanqueray
It’s all dark there anyways
We were flying round shootin’ rays
Never knew it got so late


Trixie baby come back girl
Give me back the world
Howl howl at the moon
I really wanna go there soon
Trixie, you’re an odd friend
A psychotropic alien
Sampling our planet’s men
To never feel alone again

Chorus ✨

Lyrics printed with permission.

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