CannaBlogger’s Corner Episode 25: Helmand Valley Growers Company

This week, I’m getting Pennsylvania White with Bryan Buckley from Helmand Valley Growers Company (or HVGC, if you’re into that whole brevity thing). We talk about how HVGC grew out of the Battle Brothers Foundation to produce their line of vape carts, whose profits go toward veterans’ cannabis research. I get to try one of their yummy new live resin carts, and it’s… well, just listen and find out. We compare experiences with Navy medicine, the VA, and post-military adjustment. Most of all, we show mad appreciation for our spouses, without whose support we would be in a much worse place in our respective lives.

CannaBlogger’s Corner is sponsored by Better Homes with Cannabis. Yani Amaya, the Hazey Lioness, has taken her cannabis photography to another level by using it in a stylish home décor design that would look fabulous in any home. This isn’t a Marley poster in your dorm room; Better Homes with Cannabis is tasteful home décor with a cannabis theme.

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