CannaBlogger’s Corner S2E2: A Big Announcement and a Soapbox

I am really excited about this week’s episode! CannaBlogger’s Corner and w0lfpack have teamed up to take over the cannabis industry. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I’ve got Baylee Chapo (the “el Chapo” of the w0lfpack) back with me to help explain how we’ll be working together to bring you awesome content featuring w0lfpack creators from all over the U.S. We also get on our soapbox a little about corporate cannabis and federal legalization (we’re looking at you, Bezos). Get ready for a wild ride, because when Baylee and I get to talking, we usually have a lot to say.

CannaBlogger’s Corner is sponsored by Better Homes with Cannabis. Yani Amaya, the Hazey Lioness, has taken her cannabis photography to another level by using it in a stylish home décor design that would look fabulous in any home. This isn’t a Marley poster in your dorm room; Better Homes with Cannabis is tasteful home décor with a cannabis theme.

CannaBlogger’s Corner, in conjunction with w0lfpack, LLC, is proud to present the Stashlogix smell-proof Dotsera travel pouch. This discreet, pocket-sized pouch comes with activated charcoal in the fabric as well as a poker pocket complete with poker! Visit to find out more.

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