CannaBlogger’s Corner S2E3: The Arlo Show

You might recognize my guest’s voice if you ever turned on a radio in San Diego; from his days at 91X all the way to killing it as 100.7FM’s morning show host, Chris Cantore has been one of the most distinct voices to come across the airwaves. Unfortunately, he and his co-host, Meryl, were victims of what I like to call the Great San Diego Radio Station Purge of 2019. For those of you not familiar, about 98% of San Diego’s local radio talent lost their shows when stations shifted to nationally syndicated shows that offered the same canned bullshit catering to the lowest common denominator we’ve been subjected to for decades. Of course, we all know what happened at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020, so he had some time on his hands. For us creatives, idle hands are the devil’s toys, so he looked for alternative outlets for his creative energies. One of those outlets is the animated short, The Arlo Show. It follows the adventures of Arlo (voiced by Cantore), who takes a bad acid trip in 1971 and winds up waking up in 2021. Harassed by local beat cop, Officer Mahoney (voiced by SoCal legend Chris Coté), Arlo must now learn how to navigate 2021 after his 50-year Ichabod Crane.

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