CannaBlogger’s Corner: One Person’s Trash is Another’s “Dear ‘Beast'” Letter

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Welcome back to another episode of CannaBlogger’s Corner! You might remember back in March, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sara Astudillo about, among other things, her Taking the Trash Out initiative. For those of you who need to go back and listen to it again, she is taking the idea of a local community clean-up to the next level. She doesn’t just pick up trash and toss it; she and her dedicated team sort it into various recyclables before discarding whatever can’t be saved. Even CRV recyclables are cashed out and donated to VETality Corp, who in turn donate re-usable burlap trash bags.

I had the privilege of joining Sara and her team at their most recent clean-up, which was held at Fiesta Island on July 24th. Fiesta Island is a beautiful place to enjoy a bonfire with your family, but it’s also home to a lot of hidden trash. The clean-up itself lasted less than an hour, during which time I got to talk to some of the inspiring people, including Sara, who came out to donate their time and effort to this cause.

I was particularly humbled to speak with Jeremiah, who is living proof that cannabis heals. I got to talk with him about his rare genetic condition and how cannabis helps him live from day-to-day. His story truly inspired me, and I think it will inspire you, too. You can find Jeremiah at his various social links as “KingNamedJeremiah.”

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