CannaBlogger’s Corner: w0lfpack h0wl!’s @Baked_Babie Introduces Bong-Aid

Welcome to another episode of CannaBlogger’s Corner! Thank you so much for joining me this week for the latest installment of our w0lfpack h0wl! series. We’ve been introducing new w0lfpack creators and their products each month, and I’m really stoked for this month’s product. Honestly, it’s one of those products that’s so simple, yet so fucking genius. So, what is it? This month, @Baked_Babie introduces us to Bong-Aid glass cleaner. For those of us old-school Gen-Xers and older, we’re all used to putting our glass in some iso alcohol with some table salt and shaking. You young-uns have scores of glass cleaners and chemicals to choose from. Now, we all know that table salt and chemicals are harsh on glass, especially custom glass with lovely designs. Bong-Aid is simply 99.99% isopropyl alcohol. Nothing watered down, no chemicals added; just straight iso alcohol.

OK, so now that we’ve got some pure ingredients, Bong-Aid also makes super convenient tools and dispensers to keep from wasting a drop. @Baked_Babie and I got to try out the 5.5 fl oz iso pump, which allows the user to pump some into a cloth or onto a Q-Tip to quickly clean out a banger or bowl. Did we sleep on this? Yeah, OK, a little. But once you listen a little, you’ll see just how excited we get over this insanely useful product. If you don’t have one in your sesh corner by the time you’ve finished listening to this episode, you will. Seriously, if you’re driving, pull over right now and go to to order some. If you’re fucking off at work, tap that link back there and order something. You’ll thank us later.

CannaBlogger’s Corner is sponsored by:

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  • w0lfpack LLC and their super talented Creators are featuring a different product each month. This month, the pack is howling about Bong-Aid, a super-convenient banger cleaner pump that delivers a quick shot of 99.99% iso alcohol straight to your cotton swab. It’s an absolute must-have in your stash box if you like to keep your bangers clean and mouthpieces sterile. You can find them at

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