CannaBlogger’s Corner: We’re Not From Around Here

“Space… the final frontier…”

Yani Amaya returns to the Corner to talk about aliens, higher powers, the power of music, and more.

CannaBlogger’s Corner is sponsored by:

  • Better Homes with Cannabis. Yani Amaya, the Hazey Lioness, has taken her cannabis photography to another level by using it in a stylish home décor design that would look fabulous in any home. This isn’t a Marley poster in your dorm room; Better Homes with Cannabis is tasteful home décor with a cannabis theme. Look for them at
  • w0lfpack LLC and their super talented Creators are featuring a different product each month. This month, the pack is howling about the amazing line of broad-spectrum Hemp CBD products from Soji Health. This women-owned health and wellness company delivers cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and more faster and more effectively than the competition. Find them at

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