Review | Baker’s Cannabis Co. – For the Baller on a Budget

Canndescent, one of the biggest cannabis brands on the market right now, has introduced their latest brand for the “Baller on a Budget” – Baker’s Cannabis Co.

Canndescent’s Baker’s Cannabis Co.

Adding to their already budget-friendly Good Brands Co., Canndescent adds a third tier to their financially-conscious family of high-quality cannabis products. Their half-ounce pouches of “pre-ground” flower come with a pack of 1 1/4-size rolling papers and respective crutch filters. Essentially, all you need is a lighter and a lot of time.

The Product

Baker’s Cannabis Co. describes itself as “your super affordable cannabis friend (the one that grows 15,000 pounds a year). We help you sleep when you can’t, lighten up when you’re stressed, and like to party and game. We can hit the beach together, watch some Netflix, and we promise to always appreciate your cannabis routine by keeping prices low, quality high, and ingredients honest. Include us in your next event, and the group will bond and have more fun. We’re Baker’s. Let’s make friends!”

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of their brand reps at ShowGrow San Diego yesterday, who essentially confirmed what’s on their website, if you look at it a certain way.

What it really consists of is the bottom of the bottom of the grinder. It’s all the weed dust, crumbs, and kief you’ve had to wipe off your table. For the average consumer, that’s not a lot, but when you’re processing 15,000 pounds a year, it adds up. Rather than waste it, Canndescent has packaged and priced it for the fiscal consumer.

Naturally, there are pros and cons to this.


  • No grinder necessary. A big plus for those with joint pain issues.
  • Cost. Their half-ounce pouches go for roughly $50 (depending on the dispensary) which makes it convenient if you’re stocking up.
  • Quality. Canndescent is a well-known brand for producing high-quality cannabis products (pun intended). Personally, I prefer their mid-tier Good Brands Co. over their flagship top-shelf brand.
  • Potency. The GMO I picked up clocks in at roughly 19.5% THC. While it doesn’t sound exciting, one bowl had me comfortably couch locked for several hours feeling damned good about myself.


  • Taste. This was the biggest issue for me. There’s no getting around the fact that this is still the “bottom of the barrel” so to speak. The taste is not pleasant and hits the back of the throat hard. During the Clinton Administration, my roommate and I referred to this as “choke bud” – basically, the last bits of our stash before we hit up our weed guy again. This is in no way smooth. You will cough. Hard.

I did find a way around this. I’m a stash-jar kind of stoner, and I was able to pour the contents of the pouch into two of my jars, one of which has a desiccant pouch. After setting overnight, my wake and bake was a lot smoother than the hit from the night before that had my wife dialing “9-1-…” on her phone because she was waiting for my right lung to fall out of my chest. If they were to add one in their packaging, it would make a huge difference.

All in all, I love this product. To find a half-ounce for $50 outside of a black-market trap shop that’s been lab tested and proven safe makes my wallet and my anxiety a lot happier. Even considering the harsh taste, I can’t deny the results. Good Brands Co.’s GMO is one of my go-to products when I really want to treat myself, and the experience I got from Baker’s Cannabis Co. was exactly what I expected. And with a way around the harsh flavor, this becomes the cannabis product we desperately need in these unprecedented times. I highly recommend trying it. Just make sure you grab some desiccant with it and let it sit overnight.

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